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Roasted with Love in Starlight, IN

At Starlight Coffee Co. all of our coffee beans are personally selected to insure a wide variety of taste with the finest quality. 


Green coffee beans are shipped directly from selected farms from all over the world to Starlight, Indiana where Jim roasts each varietal specifically to bring out the most flavorsome characteristics.


Most coffees (as seen below) are available year round, but different blends and varietals will be offered depending on the season. 



Brazil- Savory and bright with sweet finish

Colombian- Citric, tropical brightness

Costa Rica- A sweet citrus and herb blend

Guatemala- Sweet, clean and balanced with apple and lime flavors



Ethiopian- Heavy bodied with the influence of dark chocolate

Sumatra- Mild balanced yet heavy body with tones of clean earth and lemongrass

Kenya- Cedar aromatics, lemon brightness and sweet

The Gold Cup Brewing Standard: 2 tbsp of coffee to 6 oz of filtered water.

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